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Piano Lessons in Piedmont, SC



The idea of piano lessons conjures up different ideas for different people, but some goals, such as playing an old favorite, are shared by all. I enjoy teaching people of all ages how to take notes and rhythms and turn them into true music. I teach a variety of styles with an emphasis in classical. Master pianists such as J. S. Bach and Mozart have much to share with us, while current hits have special flair and serve as good motivators.

One important skill I include in the piano lessons is sightreading. This is the practice of learning how to smoothly play music that you have not seen before, rather like we practiced reading words and sentences when we were small children. It is imperative that pianists develop strong reading skills. Good sightreading helps us learn literature faster, as we become more aware of patterns that we recognize.

If you have taken lessons before but it has been a while, that is okay! I can review concepts and skills with you and then help you begin moving forward at a comfortable pace.

If you have never taken lessons before, that is okay too! I love introducing students to the wonders of such a beautiful instrument as the piano and engaging their imaginations about how to create music from the notations on the page.

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