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voice lessons in Piedmont, SC



Do you want to learn the basics of good vocal production? Do you want to sing but lack confidence? I can get you started on your journey. We will work together on building a proper foundation while allowing you opportunities to grow your voice in a supportive, welcoming environment.

One common hindrance to singing is the tension we carry around with us in our busy, stress-filled lives. Singing is a good way to become aware of the tension and learn how to release it in order to allow our voice to function well. I include a lot of breathing exercises to help the student become aware of any tension and to learn how to take relaxed, free breaths.

Other common tasks of voice study are pitch matching, learning how to count rhythm while singing lyrics, and ensuring expression is used to avoid a robotic or flat sound.

Voice lessons can be scary, whether you are nine years old or fifty-nine. Our voices are personal to us and sometimes we can feel afraid of making mistakes as we learn. I strive to put each student at ease so that he can relax and allow his voice to flow freely.

One benefit of voice lessons is that it teaches the students how to stand and address an audience, despite any nervousness. Being able to learn a song well, stand still, face an audience, and use your voice to communicate your message to them is a priceless skill that can be applied to other settings such as interviews and presentations. Recitals may be scary at first, and that is okay. Students will benefit even from singing just for their teacher, and maybe a parent visiting the lesson as well.

Some of the music that may be used is folk songs, Disney, and Broadway. Sacred music is an option as well.

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